We welcome the children’s participation in helping prepare nourishing food for everyone to share and enjoy. Snack generally falls about mid-morning, by 11, or sooner as we encourage everyone to eat when our bodies are hungry.

Our snack menu is based on the children’s interest, seasonal availability, and group needs, and includes:

-peanut butter on crackers

-cheese and crackers

-chips and simple guacamole

-mini pizzas on English muffin or tortilla

-bean and cheese tacos

-peanut butter and jelly and the song!

-cracking peanuts and other nuts from their shell

-all fruits

-all vegetables

-almond butter banana smoothie

-cereal and milk


-tortilla chips dipped in beans

-carrots and hummus


-granola bars


-apples and peanut butter

-celery and peanut butter with raisins on top

This list will be added to on an ongoing basis and modified when anyone on the roster has a food allergy or dietary restriction. In the event they do not enjoy the prepared snack, we will provide an alternative. You can find the log of each day’s snack offering on the daily sign in sheet.

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