Who We Are

Marie Catrett, she/they
Teacher- Director

Marie has been working with young children and their families in Austin, Texas for over twenty years, providing Reggio-inspired childcare since 2011.

Marie started Tigerlily Preschool as in-home program, named to celebrate the spectrum of child imagination and expression. From our fierce tiger selves to the gentle lily, thoughtful caregivers must respect children’s right to their ideas, feelings, wonder, and play while also helping the children find ways to be with each other in a way that makes our school a good feeling place for everyone.

Today Marie’s work centers on daily teacher reflection to support the continued growth of a joyful and life giving community. She is inspired by her fellow early childhood educators, Reggio-inspired practice, child growth and development, and all the fine children who “come to teach.”

Marie’s professional contributions include co-presenting workshops at NAEYC’s National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development, Portland State University, and mentoring Early Childhood interns from Texas State University. Tigerlily is featured in the beautiful book Seeing Young Children with New Eyes: What we’ve learned from Reggio- Emilia about children and ourselves by Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.

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What families say:

Marie Catrett is a child whisperer. I have never learned so much about my kid, how he learns, and how to help him learn than I did in his three years at Tigerlily. Those lessons stand our family in great stead as he progresses. Marie teaches children to read and make, but mostly, she teaches them how to become themselves. –Caroline

We are so very grateful for our son’s time with Marie at Tigerlily. We love her little school so much, it’s hard to put into words. Marie is gentle, kind, and incredibly understanding with the children. She delights so much in the magic and wonder of early childhood, and creates an environment where children are empowered to imagine, create, and be exactly who they are. Our son blossomed so much at Tigerlily. –Brooke

Marie is absolutely magical with this age. Two years after my daughter’s time at Tigerlily, I can still see so many things she learned there blossoming in her. Being with Marie laid the foundation for her confidence, problem-solving skills and empathy.–Piaf

Tigerlily was the perfect introduction to school for our energetic and curious boy. Marie takes great care to reach each child where he or she is, and to provide parents with loving, thorough documentation of the group’s learning. From the beautiful, well thought-out learning environment, to the kind and respectful attention to children, Tigerlily is an excellent preschool; we couldn’t have been happier with our choice.–Paige

Marie Catrett is the most present, connected, thoughtful, intentional, magical teacher I’ve ever met. I am so, so grateful her beautiful school came into our lives and started W on her educational journey. It’s shocking to me that there is not a multi-year long wait list for this gem of a school. If you want a classroom leader who sees and celebrates each child with love and compassion, while surrounding them with creativity, curiosity, and kindness then this is the place for you. –Karen

Marie—you are such a gifted, loving, present soul with the children; I so TREASURE Eli’s time spent with you. –Laurie

Tigerlily was like a little oasis for our daughter. Every morning after drop-off time, you could feel the magic building up for the day, and you could see its effect on her face at the end of the day when we picked her up. Every week, she would surprise me with some piece of learning that she had gained that seemed beyond her years. Her transformation during her time at Tigerlily Preschool is something that I will cherish forever, and I know that I will appreciate it more as I continue to recognize Tigerlily’s influence on the cool person that my daughter is becoming. I consider Marie the Jedi Master of child-raising. Having her around to guide my daughter during such a tender time was so important to our family. I still try to “harness my inner Marie” when I am struggling with how to be a good parent, and I still use the lessons that I picked up from watching her conduct her little orchestra of learning at Tigerlily. –Ryan

We love Tigerlily! Marie is able to connect with our children in a gentle and nurturing way and guide them through their interactions with other little ones. My son loved spending so much time in Marie’s magical garden! –Tara

Marie is SO warm, wise, and wonderful, with a brilliant creative spark and the kind of authentic joy in working with children that can only come naturally. My son truly blossomed in the year he spent at Tigerlily. He was nurtured, respected, and loved. Heartfelt attention was paid to his emotional and social development, gardens were tended, songs were sung, art was made, and laughter and play were the order of the day! We LOVE Marie and we LOVE Tigerlily! –Kami