School news

We’re so eager to open our doors and build this community together. The school is beautiful, we’re excited about our teaching partnership, and with maybe just one more winter event… spring feels so close. We are ready to burst forth and grow!

We stay hopeful that our start date is May. We feel great about being ready for the inspections we need to obtain our license and begin care but we’re also in a wait-and-see period while the city reviews our change of use building permit. This is a slower piece than we’d anticipated (originally planning to launch our program in March) but only because on our end we didn’t have a clear understanding of what the timeframe to approval could be.

So, for now, we wait, and much like covid, this is more waiting that is out of our control. We assess as best we can and take the next best step together.

Lulu and I are evaluating what we’re calling “temporary Tigerlily,” looking at an option for combining our two current, separate, very small covid home programs into one small program as a listed childcare home at my house, where we can care for up to three children not related to me. So, our combined two-family programs would then become a group of four, taught by both of us. “Temporary Tigerlily” is at capacity and would be our plan while waiting on permitting.

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to teaching in a space that doesn’t include my living room rug (I think the inside of my head might be imprinted with that pattern as we come up on two years of quarantine)… but we’ll get there. I know we will.

In the meantime we move forward with establishing our regular covid testing program with our current families starting next week. In addition to masking and requiring vaccines for all eligible household members, we think weekly testing for all helps us be in-person in the most responsible way possible.

For anyone interested in enrollment, we do not have any tours scheduled for the moment but will happily answer any questions you have about our delayed start date or any other program details.

Thank you for following our journey. Questions and encouragement can be directed to marie@tigerlilypreschool dot com.

Just keep painting.