Progress report/ schedule a tour!

**Update: as of 1/26 we are fully booked for 2/12 but have remaining slots for 2/19

Families interested in spring enrollment- we continue to plan to open in March- are invited to sign up for an appointment Feb 12th or Feb 19th. To tour, join our interest list and we will send you a link to schedule your tour.

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I know this is a wild time to think about the future. All the physical work involved in making our school go is what’s getting me through. Head down, pushing forward, shoveling A LOT of sand lately (see below). I’m physically exhausted, in a great way, and it really is everything to see our calendar filling up. I get a notification, my heart leaps, I read a child’s name and picture that maybe one of the cubbies in the entryway will be theirs. It’s starting to feel real.

Here’s some of what’s been happening to make this all go: