Our Program

Tigerlily is designed to support children’s exploration in a beautiful space, engaging children’s curiosity,eagerness, and innate ability to build their knowledge of the world around them.

Adults here gather information to better understand your child’s interests.   “Yesterday I noticed that you were talking about the prism in the window, would you say more about it?”

Based on our observations and conversations with children we adults think about how to develop investigations of the things the children find interesting.  Each new discovery produces additional questions and opportunities to explore. This exploration weaves both in and out of the classroom, spills into our garden, encourages activity, movement, play, and honors imagination.

We document each child’s learning, recording the stories they tell and the art they create in response to their daily experience.  This output is displayed in our learning space and through a daily journal, inviting continual conversation and collaboration between home and school.

We believe that creative expression is central to a vibrant childhood. Each child has the opportunity to draw, paint and work with clay daily.  With this daily access, art materials become powerful languages for the child to express their thoughts, ideas, questions, worries, and wonder.  Children are encouraged to become fluent in expressing themselves through their drawings, paintings, and sculptural creations.  These creations are seen and treated with tremendous respect and purpose.

Children are social beings; much of our world centers on play and our relationships with others. Special friendships form, all kinds of feelings blossom, and we work through our problems.  We encourage children to construct their own solutions and make sure they know they have access to teacher support as needed. This makes our program a safe place for every size and kind of feeling.

Early literacy and numeracy flourish throughout our environment. Conversation, story, and song flow throughout our daily experience.  We introduce reading as each child is ready.  Math experiences center on our natural use of numbers, negotiation of limits (for example, my turn on the swing is over when you’ve counted to thirty), and powerfully through our emphasis on building and making.

Children are capable and confident problem solvers, curious about challenges, and take great delight in expanding their knowledge of the world around them.  This place will allow them time and space to explore these wonderful characteristics of childhood.

L watches caterpillars munching on a leaf


Schedule offered:

Five days/week, 8:30- 12:30 or 8:30- 3:00