Documenting children’s learning

I am a daily documenter teaching with what the children call my Little Notebook in hand. Families  receive a letter each evening with a learning story from our day together. These stories also live in paper form in a notebook  in our classroom for the children and I revisit together and often. Families, colleagues, and community experts follow our work, offer feedback, and the continued collaboration is very exciting! I continue to grow in my use of daily documentation and have now collected two year’s worth of notebooks on our process. You can read about my earlier documentation work here.

The following documentation letters are shared here in support of my NAEYC presentation proposal “Different hats for Halloween and growing stories for happy birthdays: just right celebrations for young children.”

from 3/20/13, telling a birthday story 

from 10/30/13, Different hats for Halloween Part I

from 10/31/13, Different hats for Halloween Part II