We are all makers

Austin Mini Maker Faire is just a few days away and I’m eagerly hoarding way too much stuff in my garage, sorry Josh! gearing up for our contribution this year as  Code name Bubbles: Imagining New Ideas. Once again I can’t wait to see what people create there! Last year it was interesting to observe many adults engaging their kids with the open-ended materials we offered and I sure can remember how supporting kids to create without intrusion can feel uncertain. Aren’t we grownups supposed to help children learn how to do things “right?”  These days when  a creation is presented to me, small arms outstretched, do you like it, I pause and smile. Hmmm, I’m more interested in what you think about your work. What do you think about your picture? Are you satisfied?

Language I use with children:

“I see you figured that out.” Highlights the trying, Supports the belief for the child that, hey, I’m a figuring-it-out kind of person!

“Look at how you _____” Emphasizes the kid as the active doer in their own experience.

“What are you noticing?” Casts the child as a noticing kind of person! I’m listening, tell me more! 

“How did you do that?” Such a great one. To answer the question, the kid puts him or herself directly in the center of the action of his or her own story. 


I hope you have a great time at the Faire. Happy Making!